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Andre Visser




‘Capturing a Moment’ has lost almost all substance…
Especially in today’s image-driven economy.

Over the last few years working together on magazine articles, websites and commercial photography, Andre has proved to not only have an eye for exceptional moments, but a natural, precision-timing for them too.

It continues to amaze regularly, but a stand out example was when he agreed to shoot my sister’s 21st. It was a regular affair and Andre shot everything, but my parents chose only 3 to have framed. One of each of us 3 children. What is special about those 3 photos are our expressions… They perfectly resemble the very essence of each of us as young adults. It wasn’t knowing us that made the photos special, it was Andre’s talent for reacting behind a lens that brought each image to life. 

With Visser, you get a job well done…
Because he’s the type of person that is proud to make sure of it.

– Adrian Henderson
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